Mail Truck Redesign (NGDV)

Imagine the next generation of rural mail delivery: new proposals for the everyday mail truck have left many feeling disappointed. This project aims to simplify the interior to a utilitarian, refined workspace for mail carriers. 
The Every-day Mail Carrier 

Mail carriers are the backbone of America - even in a society being eclipsed by e-mail and e-bills, mail carriers are relied upon for small-scale package delivery, and more importantly, mail-in voting and enfranchising a major portion of the population in the United States. 

The USPS also fills a vital position on behalf of Fedex or UPS; private couriers might have trouble delivering to more remote regions of the United States, leaving rural mail carriers with more responsibilities and larger package volumes. 

The announcement of an updated mail truck in the U.S. is the perfect opportunity to help mail carriers feel more confident in their services with more intuitive interactions and a more refined interior.  

Mail carriers are burdened with understanding the ins and outs of poorly produced fleet vehicles that are prone to overheating, and generally provide very little comfort for drivers.