Air Scents 

Experimental Product Visualization
Done in collaboration with Connor

This project is a simple packaging and form study for a perfume bottle brand called Air, which later became a visualization study examining different methods of product visualization. 
The form plays with the idea of air, the brand's namesake; the floating circular cavity holding the product is intended to appear as though it is floating. 
Three divergent visualization methods were explored in the visualization studies - a clean, descriptive style, the product seemingly suspended in midair, and a retro-ethereal iteration. 
Problem Statement

Create a unique perfume bottle design 
+ packaging design, and create three unique
executions for visualization

Final Form
Simple Packaging

Pleasing composition, 
Focuses on product
Mostly monochromatic with splash of accent 
Usage of shape + line illustration 

Sky Shot
Photo of items placed on a mirror outside
Reflection of sky / clouds
Sun spot, bloom / very shiny

Heavy emotive colors and gradients
Layered noise, dreamlike
Tasteful compositions with lots of highlights